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Firestorm Armada

This is an action packed game of starship combat set within the boundaries of the Firestorm Universe. War has erupted in the space surrounding the Terran Worlds and nothing looks set to stop the Invaders. Race after race has been plunged into the abyss of the conflict and no one race has so far been able to stop the invaders. Now the Terran Alliance has been forced to react with the full capability of its military machine.

You control powerful fleets of frigates, cruisers, battleships and transport ships as you fight as a Terran commander, an Invading fleet commander or one of the outlying star systems that has allied itself with the Terrans to combat the threat.

Models are primarily resin with some white metal components. A full color rule book supports the models, along with decks of game cards, templates, tokens, historical background documents and much, much more.

Who will you be? A defender or an invader...

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