33237 1st. Avenue

Mission, B.C. Canada



Check out our exciting new Board Game Cafe Project!

Unplug, Sit down and Reconnect ...

at WarCraft Games Cafe!


Our Kickstarter was opened this September 1st and ran till September 30th, in this time we raised 260% of our goal thanks to the faith and contributions of local gaming enthusiasts,  

Mission will have it's very own Board Game Cafe.

Thank you once again for your support! 

If you would like to see our Kickstarter campaign check out the link above or click that Kickstarter button in the main tab.

Join our growing community of local Fraser Valley games enthusiasts!



Come in and make use of our 800 square foot plus gaming area, meet up with old friends and make new pals in our friendly wheelchair accessible gaming lounge.


We host games on almost a daily basis and we hope that you will drop in and help us to create that home away from home rec room.


Board games are growing at a phenomenal rate and we here at WarCraft Games are looking to make sure that we are the biggest and best place to go to feed that gaming itch.


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