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May 16

Painter Commission


Looking for an experienced painter for some tabletop mini commissions to be completed fairly soon. Please reply with your email if interested, thanks.

Absolutely recommend Aaron to anybody looking for a custom miniature! I’ll post a pic of how many Goliath turned out.

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  • Goliath commission, completed by @Aaron William H Runes are actual Giantish from the hardcover. Belt is a shaved off mini’s head. HeroforgeXL, regular plastic. For more pics of the rest of the crew, check out @@huntlords on Instagram.
  • My Stormtroopers are definitely going to take longer than my Rebels!
  • Hey guys I just wanted to show you how my Rebels come out with the new Contrast paints from Games Workshop ... The thing to remember is that these were for the most part painted in one evening, except for the weapons which I did the next day and the basing which was done on Sunday! I wish that I had taken more pics but I think you get the idea, put down a good coat of primer, paint on Contrast paint, repeat with a new colour ... base them and call it done! I just have to put a second coat on the black around the bases to finish them off ... I'm looking forward to doing up my Stormtroopers next!