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I'd like to thank the following people for their generous contributions in store ... As not everyone has an online payment account so we have been taking a few payments here at Warcraft Games directly ...



Heather V. - $10

Sean R. - $35

Vincent B - $150

David H - $15

Wayne & Colette - $100

Marcus W - $1,000

Alex W - $5

Michael W - $5

Jen B - $5

Jamie G - $1,000

Craig M - $150

Jeff S - $45

Jason I - $45

Matt N - $35

Jesse M - Zombicide Black Plague & Hero box 1


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Thank you for your support.


Thank you for coming and having a look at our upcoming project. I thought I'd take this time to introduce myself to you all ... Our project was live as of August 30th at noon and ended September 30th at noon!


In one month we raised 260% of our goal!

The Past: I opened Warcraft Games in September of 2004 on Railway avenue in Mission British Columbia. Up until then I had worked in the gaming industry for a combined 11 years culminating as manager of the Comicshop in the Kitsilano area of Vancouver. Wanting to head out on my own and pursue my dream of opening my very own gaming paradise and out of respect for my previous mentors I struck out East of Vancouver and landed in Mission which in late 2004 had no sanctuary for gamers.

The Present: Fast forward to our current location. With our new store I really wanted to elevate my gaming patrons experience by creating a friendly yet modern space that is creative and inviting. Over the last 15 years I have come to cherish my relationships with my ever-growing customer base but for the big 15, I really wanted to bring something new to the plate!

The Board Game Cafe: So, what is a boardgame café anyway? The original boardgame café originated in Toronto Canada almost 10 years ago and the concept has been sweeping the nation and the world ever since! At a boardgame café you may choose to pay a small fee to have access to vast supply of open boardgames and card games that you can then bring back to your table and play while you eat and connect with friends. So that’s what a boardgame café is but what about Warcraft Games Café and why does Mission need this right now?

The Goal: Simply put, I want to create a fun and safe place for people to meet and explore the ever-growing gaming hobby. I believe that eating, drinking and gaming go hand in hand and nothing passes the time like getting together with friends and enjoying this shared experience.

Our Plans: If you back our project we will install an excellent espresso machine, a cooler for cakes and fresh sandwiches, panini press as well as expand our floor area to allow more gaming tables and chairs to facilitate our new clientele. Also watch for our exciting stretch goals such as branded products, liqueur license and construction of a dedicated Dungeons and Dragons game room complete with lcd gaming table and everything you need right on hand for running your game in style.

The Food & Drink: For food we will be sourcing locally made sandwiches, paninis and other savory treats and we have already contacted local bakeries about bringing in some delicious custom themed deserts! Last but not least we have spent a good deal of time sampling coffees and espressos in the local Fraser Valley and rest assured we are going to offer what we consider the best coffee around.


Not a board gamer: So what if you don’t currently play boardgames or card games and otherwise aren’t looking for any kind of gaming experience while grabbing a coffee and a pastry? That’s alright, you will want to back our Warcraft Games Café project because we will be open from 11am till 11pm, 7 days a week! Currently Mission lacks any place that serves a great Latte and designer cake after 5pm! Have you ever gone to the movies, and then wanted to spend a little extra time with that special someone but not wanted to leave Mission? How about that first date, nothing tells you more about a person than how they handle a crushing victory or a total defeat when playing games.

Why Kickstarter: Well in the past we have expanded in a slow but stable manner, but I feel that Mission needs a boardgame café now! By helping us, you not only get exclusive access to rewards that will never be offered again but you will also help to build a community of like minded friends. A fun safe place where you can while away a few hours learning a new game, hang with friends and try something new!

Matt, Tanya and Connor.

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