Spotlight Focus: Deepcuts Miniatures

Ever since their release in early May of 2017 we have been excited to carry this critically acclaimed line of miniatures from Wizkids. These miniatures represent the latest in hobby minis with hyper detailed sculpts and an ever growing line up they are taking the market by storm.

Typical packages come with two variant poses, primed white as previously mentioned and also contain an appropriately sized round base.

Compared to the Reaper line of figurines, the Deepcuts are made of a sturdier, harder plastic and already come pre-primed with Valejo which is an industry leader among the paint world.

We switched to the Deepcuts line as soon as they were available for several reasons ... Firstly they were a much better value for what you got in the package. I also liked the fact that they came primed as many of you may know the rubber like plastic that the Reaper Bones models are made of habitually sheds paint like water of a ducks back ... which is problematic and even after cleaning the models with a toothbrush and dish soap the models would resist the paint.

With close to 150 completely different codes in their line up, it is getting harder and harder not to find what you are looking for from this company. We here at WarCraft Games have been endeavoring to carry the full line since it's inception and will continue to do so as we have become the "go to" place to find Deepcuts in the Fraser Valley. If you are looking for a certain model from the Deepcuts lin please check out this LINK for a complete list of what is available as well as a search function if you just want to peruse the "Elf" models.

Probably the most anticipated box set from Wave 8 is the "Towns People" set due out late this year ... This set includes 16 townsfolk miniatures plus all of the props to fill a small town scene in most any small village or hamlet! With a total of 42 pieces in all, this set is also complete with a Burning Forge made possible by the addition of a small LED light in the forge!

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